Engineering Management Courses from University of Warwick

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Engineering Management Courses from University of Warwick

An initiative to improve the manufacturing units in the United Kingdom about 30 years ago by a university professor helped companies in that country to educate, collaborate and conduct research to improve their industries.

The initiative, called Warwick Manufacturing Group, came from an Indian at the University of Warwick. Now, the University offers nine master’s level Engineering management courses that have been well-received by Indian students, according to Jeffery Alun Jones, Associate Professor, WMG, who was recently in Chennai on a two-day visit to talk about opportunities for Indian students at the University.

“Currently we have at least one senior staff who is doing his Ph.D. program with us. There are many Indian students who are doing M.Sc. courses. We have customised a course in Engineering Business Management specifically for the Indian economy,” said Dr. Jones.

Besides this, the university offers master’s degree program in e-business management, manufacturing systems Engineering, international technology management, process business management, managing business excellence, supply chain and logistics management, program and project management and digital manufacturing management.

“At present, there are 78 Indian students for these programs,” says WMG’s Regional Marketing Advisor in India C. Venuprasad. “Digital manufacturing management is futuristic and a young girl has opted for the program and secured admission too,” he says. For further details, visit

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