40% Seats Vacant for Second Year Engineering in Maharashtra

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40% Seats Vacant for Second Year Engineering in Maharashtra

Around 40% out of the total 83,910 seats have remained vacant for second year engineering courses in the state of Maharashtra in 2013. Admission into engineering second year is designed for lateral entries by students after completing their diploma.

This year, the Directorate of Technical Education ( DTE ) had received more than 55,270 applications for admissions into the second year in the Common Admission Process ( CAP ). However, a mere 50,146 candidates actually registered within the specified deadline, which was till 2 pm on Tuesday, September 17, 2013.

The total number of seats which are open in the second year include extra seats for lateral entry as well as the seats left vacant after students fail to get promoted to the second year.

As per DTE officials, the number of students passing the 3-year post-Secondary School Certificate ( SSC ) diploma courses is not very high. Out of more than 80,000 available seats, a mere 52,300 students have passed the final year of the diploma course. Around 80,000 – 90,000 students usually join the course. However, students drop out in large numbers. Some of them fail in the examinations before reaching the third year, the officials added.

Diploma seats are not much in demand either as reflected by more than 50% vacancy in diploma courses.

As per DTE officials, during the past few years, the All-India Council of Technical Education ( AICTE ) has adopted the policy of regarding the second year as a detached unit, which increases the number of seats for the second year. Colleges are enabled to start separate divisions for the second year to facilitate lateral entry of students.

The previous sanctioned limit was just 20% of the total number of seats which are available for the first year in a college.

A panel has been constituted by the state government of Maharashtra that will conduct surveys on colleges which have failed to achieve 30% occupancy of seats for the past 3 years. The panel is expected to tackle the crisis arising out of the multiple vacancies in technical colleges each year by recommending corrective measures.

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