Enhancing Managerial Skills

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Enhancing Managerial Skills

That there needs to be a change in management education is a given. But that the change should not be seen only in terms of altering the curriculum is not usually understood by institutions.

The change should begin from selection of candidates. The practice of graduates entering an MBA programme straight after graduation has to be rationalised.

The fact that fresh graduates fail to understand or appreciate the serious work involved in earning an MBA degree has been recognised by foreign universities. That is the reason why almost all foreign universities stress work experience for those applying for MBA programmes.

The above recommendations and various others relating to content, delivery and evaluation were made by a core group at a workshop organised by the Bharathiar School of Management and Entrepreneurial Development (BSMED) on ‘Engulfing Skill Deficit to Enhance Global Managerial Competencies’ at the Bharathiar University recently.

Director of Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi, M.J. Xavier; Management Consultant Daniel K. Shanthakumar, and Chairman and Managing Director of CADD Centre India R. Parthasarathy were the key resource persons who led the participants who were deans and directors of B – schools.

There was a general perception that arts and science graduates had marginal exposure to business and industry and hence needed to be given additional inputs in the form of bridge courses.

Bringing about changes in the annual / semester patterns were also suggested. “The full semester projects have become a bother not only to the sponsoring companies but also for teachers for whom volume makes value impossible. Recycling and duplicating of non – relevant, repetitive, illogical and wrong sequencing of a few typed pages that make a project should be curbed.”

To orient students for corporate work culture, it has been suggested to have longer study hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., minimum holidays and continuation of course work during weekends. Indiscriminate awarding of first class to all students should be discouraged.

With regard to content reorientation, it has been suggested that the latest developments and changes in auditing practices should be incorporated in place of traditional and outdated modules in all functional areas.

Students studying computer application courses should have the facility to choose from among four different application software, while human resource, marketing, finance and production courses should have the appropriate IT – enabled support.

For enhancing English language proficiency and communication effectiveness, it has been suggested that specific courses offered by the British Council and such other bodies should be completed within the study period.

According to Director of BSMED R. Venkatapathy, the recommendations would be presented to the Board of Studies of Bharathiar University to be implemented in all its affiliated colleges.

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