Finishing School launched in Coimbatore

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Finishing School launched in Coimbatore

KGISL, a software service company, and Appnomic Systems, a remote infrastructure and application management service company, recently signed an MoU to start a finishing school to address the needs of the infrastructure management service industry.

A release said the industry was seeing demand grow globally and an increase in outsourcing of services to India.

The industry required talent with multiple technology skills, ability to run operations on production environment on a 24×7 basis, among other things.


The demand of the companies in that sector was not being met adequately by the existing education and training programs, which were mostly focussed on certifications on specific products or technologies.

With the MoU, a focussed training program on the industry was available to graduate students.

“The program is a unique in a way that it will deliver knowledgeable trained people who are on a par with engineers with two years’ experience. Experienced practitioners from the industry will teach the course,” the release said quoting Padmanabhan, CEO of Appnomic.


Ashok Bhaktavatsalam, Managing Director, KGISL, said the company had pioneered IT enabled services in this part of the country.

“We see a good opportunity to expand into the growing IMS area through this training offer,” the release said quoting him.

The training program was designed to be practical oriented so as to ensure that the IT companies would go to KGISL campus for hiring trained personnel, the release added.

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