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Fixed Fee Structure for Private Medical Colleges by June 30

Fixed Fee Structure for Private Medical Colleges by June 30

Chennai: Fee structure for private unaided medical colleges in Tamil Nadu shall be fixed by the statutory committee concerned on or before June 30, the Madras High Court has said.

On their part, the colleges have informed the court that they would not charge fees for the next academic year till the permanent committee fixed the fee structure.

An order in this regard was passed by the First Bench comprising Chief Justice A.P. Shah and Justice Chief Chitra Venkataraman on batch of petitions, including the one field by the Student’s Federation of India (SFI)

The Bench asked the three private medical colleges concerned to appear before the Permanent Committee for Fixation of Fees in Self-Financing Professional Colleges on May 7 with all relevant documents. The Committee would process the claims expeditiously and fix a fee structure on or before June 30.

“It is needless so say that in the event of the Committed fixing an annual fee at a lower rate, the excess amount collected by the institutions shall be adjusted towards the fee for the next academic year.” The Judges said. They also gave liberty to the institutions to approach the court if the Committed failed to fix the fee structure within the stipulated time.

In August 2004 the Permanent Committee had fixed Rs.1.3 lakh per annu as fee for students admitted under the Government quota in private unaided medical colleges.

However, there was no restriction with regard to the fees collected from students admitted under the management quota and the non-resident Indians quota. The structure was to be in place institutions sought review of the direction, a single judge of the court passed on interim order permitting them to collected Rs.4 lakh per year. Pointing out that the interim order had gone beyond the relief claimed in the writ petitions, SFI secretary Selva said, “even if the two writ petitions are allowed, the colleges concerned will not get the right to collect Rs.4 lakh.

Burden on Middle Class:

N.G. R. Prasad, counsel for the SFI, Argued that when middle class parents were finding it difficult to pay even the Committee-stipulated Rs.1.3 lakh, forcing them to pay Rs.4 lakh per year would amount to pushing parents into a perpetual dept trap.

He said collecting fee in excess of the structure laid down by the Committee was nothing but collection of capitation fee, and added that the self-financing institutions should not challenge the fees fixed by the Committee, even while enjoying the freedom of collecting fee of their choice from the management quota and NRI quota students.

Fixed Fee Structure for Private Medical Colleges by June 30

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