Problems pester Girls’ Education Scheme

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Problems pester Girls’ Education Scheme

The ambitious National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level (NPEGEL), which is aimed at providing education to girls and reduce their dropout rate, is plagued with several problems and remains a distant dream for the girl students in Karimnagar town.

The NPEGEL scheme launched by the Union government under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) was to provide additional components for the education of girls at elementary level.

The objective of the programme was to develop and promote facilities to provide access to education and to facilitate retention of girls, besides improving quality of education through various interventions and strive for girls’ economic empowerment.

Scheme Components

Accordingly, the model cluster schools for girls were opened where there was high density of SC / ST and OBC girl students.

The component of the scheme includes construction of additional classrooms, toilets, and basic amenities in the school.

Surprisingly, the model cluster school for the NPEGEL Government Girls’ High School in Mankammathota in the town is not having any facilities to accommodate the students and impart specialised training in various job-oriented courses.

Open-air Classes

This cluster school caters to the requirements of girl students of high school and primary school in Mankammthota, government high schools in Dhangarwadi, Ramnagar and Padmanagar.

However, the cluster school is inadequate to meet the requirement of the students as already the teachers have been conducting the classes for the students under the trees and verandahs of the school.

Several equipment such as science laboratory, computer labs etc were not used because of non-availability of additional classrooms.

Now, freshly the NPEGEL equipment such as teaching material, tailoring machines, “maggam” (loom) to teach the sari designing for the self-employment of girls have remained idle without any use.

The NPEGEL scheme was aimed at attracting the girls to the school and also help them in securing employment by imparting various self-employment trades such as tailoring, embroidery, sari designing etc.

Novel Programme

The government girls’ high school principal G. Pramoda  said that the National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level was a novel programme.

But unfortunately it had been shelved due to non-availability of classrooms and trained instructors, she said and added that the school teachers, who have knowledge about the tailoring and embroidery, were providing some teaching to the girl students.

She urged the authorities concerned to provide them with additional classrooms and assured to transform their National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level cluster into a model one in the State.

She said that they had been imparting training in martial arts and dance forms to attract the girls to school.

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