Grading of CBSE Schools based group ranking system begins academic year

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Grading of CBSE Schools based on group ranking system begins this academic year

The grading of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools based on a group ranking system might begin this academic session, said Ashok Ganguly, CBSE Board Chairman.

If everything goes as planned, the grading system will start this academic session,” he said, speaking to presspersons at the inauguration of a regional-level CBSE science exhibition at the SBOA School and Junior College, here on Monday.

There was no comprehensive and systematic survey to evaluate learning and teaching at the primary and upper primary levels, said Mr. Ganguly. Gaps existed between the types of schools, such as government schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas and between regions such as Central and North-East.

Such a study would help to identify gaps and provide appropriate intervention, he said. Rather than rank schools individually, the grading system would group schools into grades, such as ‘A star’, ‘B’. The assessment, based on learning in mathematics, science and languages, would be done in phases, he said.

The first assessment would be done at the primary level, in standard V and the next assessment after three years, in standard VIII.

Mr. Ganguly said that schools would need to become institutions of excellence to help students compete in an international arena. “We can become a knowledge society by 2020 only if the talent in every student is identified and nurtured.” Whatever be their talent, whether in sport, arts or sciences, a platform was necessary to showcase them.

The Ignite programme, an initiative by the CBSE and National Innovation Foundation to nurture creativity and innovation in students, was a step in this direction. The programme received 2,000 ideas from students, out of which 34 ideas were patented in 2008, he said.

In addition to having programmes for children, new pedagogy and teaching competencies need to be developed. In-service training programmes for teachers, not only in their subject areas but also to acquire in generic skills, were needed to constantly upgrade teaching competencies, he said.

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