GRD College of Science undertaken Animal Protection Mission

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GRD College of Science undertaken Animal Protection Mission

The second year students of School of Communication, GRD College of Science, undertook an animal protection mission from February 13 to 15.

They campaigned for ethical treatment to animals through posters and video presentations within the college.

They also inaugurated a Public Relations Campaign against animal cruelty.

As part of their campaign, they invited activists from People For Animals (PFA). Kalpana Vasudevan and Nalini Shanmugam from PFA interacted with the students and spoke about the organisation’s role in preventing cruelty towards animals and animal exploitation.

They urged the students to be friendly towards animals.


Games such as animal face-painting, mimicry of jungle calls and caption-writing were organised.

The college cafeteria served vegetarian food on that day.

The students also collected funds through sale of tattoos and invited donations on behalf of the PFA.

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