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Harvard Business School Leadership Programme in Mumbai

Harvard Business School ( HBS ) has announced Leadership and Corporate Accountability – India ( LCAI ), a new programme scheduled from 19th November, 2012 to 22nd November, 2012 at the HBS style classroom at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, as part of its Executive Education programme portfolio for India.

Led by Rohit Deshpande, who helped design and teach the required MBA course on this topic at Harvard Business School, the programme will provide business leaders with a hands – on framework for promoting socially and financially responsible corporate conduct, in an Indian environment of heightened competition and accountability.

Prof. Rohit Deshpande, who is Faculty Chair of Leadership and Corporate Accountability – India, the programme emerged as a response to the internal and external governance challenges facing business leaders globally.

The programme will prepare participants for leadership in a changing global society filled with competing claims from multiple stakeholders ( Stockholders, Employees, Customers, Governments ).

They will return with an understanding of values, incentives, and risk management systems they need to put in place to guide their organisation through these kinds of complex challenges, he said.

As with all HBS Executive Education programmes, all programmes in the India portfolio will be taught by members of the School’s own full – time faculty using the HBS case method.

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Leading Innovation – India Prgm for Business Leaders

The Harvard Business School has announced the Leading Innovation – India Program, scheduled from 20th August, 2012 to 23rd August, 2012 at the HSB style classroom at Taj Lands End, in Mumbai.

The Leading innovation is a part of the Executive Education program portfolio for India, which was announced by HBS in October of the year 2011. The ‘Leading Innovation – India’ mainly focuses on providing business leaders with the tools in order to realize opportunities for product and service innovation across a variety of industries.

It is led by the renowned Harvard Business School faculty, Stefan T Thomke, William Barclay Harding Professor of Business Administration and David E Bell, George M Moffett Professor of Agribusiness and Business, the program will show participants how to influence the business experimentation for organic growth.

Focusing on the core challenges of managing innovation in an evolving marketplace, this leadership training program will prepare the executives to develop and market innovative products and services by identifying and influencing new opportunities. The program will focus on how new approaches for aligning new product development with corporate strategy, designing innovation systems, assessing disruptive technologies and bringing innovative products and services to market.

All programs in the India Portfolio will be taught by members of the School’s senior faculty members using case method to guide participants through research and global best practices. An elite group of global executives will enjoy an interactive experience that extends the learning process through personal and professional networks long after the conclusion of the program.

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Harvard Business School opens New Classroom in Mumbai

Harvard Business School ( HBS ) announced on 1st March, 2012, the launch of the new classroom in Mumbai, at Taj Lands End.

According to HBS, unlike the temporary spaces in Hyderabad and Mumbai where the Havard Business School previously offered programs, the new space inaugurated as classroom of HBS at Taj Lands End replicates the classrooms on the School’s Boston campus, giving participants and students a true Harvard Business School case method learning experience, for the first time in India.

A series of activities are lined up as the classroom is inaugurated, such as, research conferences and executive education programs. The new classroom will have a seating capacity of over 82 students.

Using the new classroom, HBS faculty will offer programs and symposia to leaders in business, government and academia on a wide range of subjects such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Building a Global Enterprise, and Case Writing and Course Development. The Taj Lands End was incorporated by the Tata Group, currently headed by Mr. Ratan Tata, a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Speaking in the occasion, Mr. Tata said, “I can think of no greater investment we can make in our collective future than education. India is capable of great things but we will only be able to realize our potential by continually studying and learning about what has succeeded Mumbai and elsewhere in the world. Harvard Business School and Harvard University more broadly have a tremendous amount of knowledge to share in that endeavor.”

Professor Tarun Khanna, faculty Chair for HBS activities in India and Director of the Harvard South Asia Initiative, said, “Our engagement in this region is imperative.  We are working to build an infrastructure that provides thought leadership, education and coaching to emerging managers, and that positions the University to contribute to and learn from further development.” The Taj has also designated the classroom for use by South Asia Initiative at various points throughout the year.

India’s rapid emergence as a leading economic power on the world stage has increased the demand for business education and insights. Harvard Business Review is widely read in India along with business books published by Harvard Business Publishing.

Indian business schools extensively use Harvard Business School cases in the classroom and over the past 4 years some 100 Indian faculty have participated in the School’s Global Colloquium for Participant Centered Learning, where they learn from HBS faculty how to teach using the case method.


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