Hewlett Packard inaugrates HP Institute in India

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Hewlett Packard inaugrates HP Institute in India

With an aim to train 500,000 engineering graduates all over the world and make them job ready over the next 5 years, Hewlett Packard has started HP Institute in India. Nearly 350 Indian universities will participate in this initiative to train 65000 engineering graduates.

Four accredited technical associate certifications will be offered as a part of the program. These programs will include courseware, industry – standard technology, hands – on remote labs, mock tests and certification exams. The curriculum will include networks, connected devices, servers, cloud computing and storage.

The program aims at fulfilling the increasing demand of skilled talents that can be employed in advanced and emerging technologies.

Before inaugurating the program in India, HP had run it on pilot basis in 86 countries in partnership with more than 1200 educational institutes. The program will also serve as a talent pool for HP globally.

A World Bank policy research paper revealed that nearly 65% of the recruiters in India are not happy with the skillsets of entry level engineers. About 92% of graduating engineers lack the required programming and algorithm skills needed by IT companies while 56% do not have cognitive and soft – skills.

The IT sector strongly needs fresh engineering graduates with precise skillsets and experience to tackle today’s business and technical challenges. The lack of required skills is a common problem across emerging and developed economies.

Nasscom states that despite of over 3 million graduates produced in India, internal training programs offered by the companies and emergence of numerous autonomous finishing schools, country would face a crunch of 500,000 billable graduates by 2013.