Fun way to learn Mathematics

Mathematics is a tough nut to crack for most students, despite teachers and academics adopting their own methods to simplify its theorems and formulae.

The over – dependence on textbook methodologies often acts to the detriment of students, most of whom do not know the subject’s basics and learn without understanding it.

Advancements in the field of information and communication technology have simplified the learning of mathematics, to the point that students can see geometric and other figures unfold before them in three – dimensional and audio – visual forms.

A Principals’ Conclave was organised here on Saturday by HeyMath, which together with the University of Cambridge developed programs to make learning maths easier and an enjoyable experience.

The attending principals and maths teachers got valuable tips on motivating students, making teaching / learning an enjoyable experience and prevailing on school managements and teachers to adopt innovations in teaching.

“We have to teach in the way that students learn,” exhorted Bhavani Raghunandan, Principal of Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Chennai. Students enjoy their time outdoors.

Teachers must ensure that they enjoy every moment that they spend within the class too. Though textbooks provide guidelines to teach, most teachers are obsessed with them.

Collecting a huge mass of information and data is not enough. One has to properly analyse them and arrive at a conclusion, something at which most Indians are very bad, she said.

Taking the attendees through the qualities of youth born after 1990, she said that they are independent, tech savvy, fearless, look for parental support and not control, want immediate answers and are sceptical of society. “But we benchmark them against us. We must reorient our thinking.”

An official from the Ministry of Education, Singapore, Priscilla Krempl, who has served as a school principal spoke of the high – performance oriented maths and science teaching imparted in Singapore.

“We take special care of weak students. Many discoveries in maths came from the Kerala and Indian school, both of which are tradition bound. Principals must set the agenda and believe in themselves,” she said and called upon principals and teachers to forge collaboration, communication and creative thinking among their peers so that students benefit.

Once students like a teacher, they begin liking the subject. Programs like HeyMaths help students to catch up and understand misunderstood concepts.

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