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Important Skills required to join the Hotel Management Industry

Want to be a part of one of the most prestigious and profitable service oriented industries across the world in the recent times? As a hotel management graduate, you need to be focused, and friendly. Hotels have become imperative to modern day living.

The hotel management industry is always on the lookout of skilled professionals, so make sure to brush up a few essential skills which are important to do well if you wish to pursue a career in the hotel management industry.

Confidence :

As a part of the hotel management industry, you must be prepared to meet and interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. And that requires a great deal of confidence. In an industry where communication and presentation skills matter, it’s imperative that you deal with your clients with confidence.

Hospitality :

The revenue of a hotel comes largely from its customers, and that directly traces to the kind of service you offer. Being friendly, approachable and hospitable will help you go a long way as far as the hotel and catering industry is concerned. Wear a bright smile on your face, and you’d be a lot easier to be with.

Presentable :

Irrespective of which department you are in, the hallmark of a good hotel is their staffs. As an employee you are expected to present yourself well. Personal hygiene, general cleanliness and good communication skills can prove to be helpful, and most recruiters look out for hotel management graduates who can carry themselves well.

Customer Oriented :

The hotel management industry is certainly a customer oriented one. Having keen awareness on how to make the customer feel, seeing to it that all their needs and queries are fulfilled, food is delivered on time, and the upkeep and the maintenance of the hotel rooms to be sure that the customers are comfortable and satisfied are vital. Hence, being customer oriented is not just an asset, but an important skill required to be a part of the hotel management industry.

Listening Skills :

Most customers come in with different preferences and demands. On knowing that a particular customer is not too happy with the facilities and services of hotel, you should be patient enough to listen to what they have to say.

By listening attentively to complaints you are less likely to repeat the same mistakes again, and most importantly, you have better chances of improving and providing more satisfactory services to customers in the future. Listening skills play an important role in the hotel management industry. Being impatient, argumentative and egoistic can ruin your career.

Responsible :

The upkeep and the maintenance of a hotel / suite come in with a huge deal of responsibility. As a hotel manger, or department head, you need to be responsible about almost everything that’s happening! While there would be people to assist you, keeping a check on everything ranging from the food and beverages severed to the general security of the hotel, it is vital to be responsible and well aware.

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Hotel industry – the only sector to sail through economic crisis

Increasing number of hotels every year are creating ample opportunities for hotel management graduates. This is the reason why hospitality management is holding promise despite of economic crisis. While the hotel industry is only slightly affected by the economic slowdown, the industry graduates appear to be unperturbed. The industry has grown by 7% annually and graduates from reputed institutes are not affected.

Twenty Five years old assistant manager of ITC Maratha in Mumbai expressed that his people skills is his biggest asset. His training has prepared him to venture into numerous other professional areas. He has given training at different ITC properties across the country in last 5 years; last one was ITC Windsor as understudy manager.

India has nearly 50 hotel management colleges. To enroll for hotel management courses, 6500 applicants across India take the entrance test every year. 50% of these institutes were established by the National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology.

Private colleges set up by prominent hotel chains of India such as The Oberoi, the Taj group and the ITC ( Indian Hotel Chain ) group has added to the list. The ITC group has partnered with the TMA Pai Foundation in Manipal to establish the Welcomgroup Graduate School, the ITC Hotel Management Institute ( ITCHMI ) and a management training program of 18 months for graduate from any stream. There are many diploma courses for postgraduates. All students are given industrial training of 6 months following which hotel chains recruit them through campus placements.

ITC’s Welcomlegionnnaire is a 4 year program for students who have qualified class XII. The course is a full time scholarship where students get monthly stipend of ₹ 5000 – 15000 during the course. However, the course requires students to sign a bond to work only for the ITC group for a fixed period. If a student violates a bond, they are liable to pay the fine.

By the end of the course, most colleges inform students about placements by January and they grab offers by March. About 85% of the batch graduating from IHM – A this year have already job offers. Initially students are hired as hotel operations management trainees, and gradually they reach to the position of assistant restaurant managers, assistant duty managers, restaurant managers, front office managers, food and beverage managers and general managers.

Taj offers a monthly stipend of ₹ 16,500 to its interns. This amount can vary upto ₹ 18,000 and is revised regularly. The salaries of 15 to 18 Taj management trainees selected out of a batch of 1000 can vary from ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 40,000 per month in 2 – 3 years based on the growth within the industry.

While the salary packages are lucrative and lifestyle is comfortable, the attrition rate in hotel industry is high varying from 18 – 20%. 50% of the hotel management students don’t remain in the industry and use their skills in different fields.


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