Hotel Management Institute News

Hotel Management Institute News

The Government of Himachal Pradesh is all set to open an National Level Hotel Management Institute in order to feed hospitality industry with professional manpower. The institute shall be located in Kullu of Manali valley with a cost of around 12.5 crore.

On 13th September, 2012 the Chief Minister Dhumal announced at Prini in Manali after he dedicated 192 MW Allain Duhangan Hydro Electric Power Project, to the nation. He said that necessity for hospitality professionals had always been surfacing to serve the visitors in a traditional Himachali style and with the setting up of one more institute in the state, demand for such professionals would be fulfilled.

Although, there were a number of tourist spots in the valley but more such spots were always in offing to attract tourists to unexplored areas of the state. Government would explore possibilities of developing Hamta area from tourism point of view so that stay of visitors was extended”, he added.

Dhumal further stated that Himachal Pradesh, which had the highest hydro potential of over 23,000 MW, had only 2,838 MW power in the year 1998 and when BJP came to power in the state, the same was further increased to 9000 MW. As per the estimates of the state would be in a position to generate 15000 MW power by year 2015 and entire potential by the year 2010. He said that hydro power generation process was Eco – friendly and cost effective in long term.

This project will be more convenient with people’s participation as it would be more easier to carry forward with their ventures. While discharging corporate responsibilities the interests of the people should be considered on priority as they are the one who surrender their lands and other assets in order to make way for the completion and running of projects.