HRD minister releases NBT’s book on mathematics

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HRD minister releases NBT’s book on Mathematics :

Mathematics is a very intimidating subject that finds applications universally. The application is more important than the subject because it is the application that fascinates people to apply science of mathematics into art, space, architecture, construction, design, pure science etc. Today mathematics is finding application everywhere including our lives,” said HRD minister, Pallam Raju. He was releasing the book, “What is Mathematics?” by Dr Balakrishna Shetty. The book has been published by the National Book Trust, India.

Also present on the occasion was Dinesh Singh, vice-chancellor of Delhi University who said that education is to be able to delve within and finding out what resonates inside us and then explicit it outside. He also added that everything in this world is related to mathematics including the genetic code, physical law and even the planet which revolves around sun to a precise mathematical law.

Director of NCERT, Praveen Sinclair spoke about variable reactions to the appendices of education tools and said: “This book helps as an alternative source to teach mathematics.”

The book introduces mathematics, as the study of logical structure of patterns and focuses on its distinct aspects like deduction, representation and transformation. It is written in a lucid style and attempts to explain to lay people about the intricacies of mathematics. Mathematics, unlike other disciplines has defied definitions and by using quotidian approaches and stories as metaphors, the book not only explains various mathematical concepts but also its history and contribution of India in field of mathematics.

Shetty is a keen scholar of mathematics who studied the subject at Presidency College, Kolkata and IIT. He worked in Indian missions in Geneva, Dhaka, Moscow, Singapore and Paris and also served as a Ambassaor of India nine countries, including Senegal, Bahrain and Sweden.

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