Identifying Problems in Education

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Identifying Problems in Education

What are the problems and challenges that students confront while studying? Lack of concentration, anxiety, career confusion and lack of clarity over the very purpose of education…the list is endless.

But students may find these issues not so important if a teacher or an elder tells them about the issues, but how would they react if fellow students themselves draw their attention to these everyday problems?

This was exactly what the final year undergraduate students of the Visual Communication Department in Andhra Loyola College have done with good result.

As part of their course requirement to study a subject called ‘campaign strategy’, the students on Thursday launched ‘Star dot Edu’, a unique social campaign on ‘Problems in Education’.

While their seniors last year launched the campaign on the theme of ‘global warming’, the students this year have decided to take up a topic that they could immediately relate to, said M. Satish Rajan, Head of the Department of Visual Communication, ALC.

The students did ground work for about a month and a half before kicking off the campaign, he added.

Symbolic Drive

“Even before the formal launch of the campaign, our students placed a huge notebook on the campus and kept it chained for three days to create curiosity among other students.

They carried this notebook around the campus today in a symbolic manner to drive home the point about education becoming a burden,” Mr. Rajan explained.

Until the end of the campaign on September 15, students of visual communication will be reaching other students of the ALC and also students of other colleges.

The students already prepared documentaries, short films and music videos as part of the campaign.

“In fact, while watching these films and videos, many students have realised the mistakes they are committing in education,” Mr. Rajan pointed out.

During the final campaign from September 15 to 18, the students will be performing street plays, using banners and other means to take awareness levels to the highest possible level.

The students, however, will not be suggesting any solution, Mr. Rajan said.

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