IGNOU now introduces “On Demand” Exam Systems

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IGNOU now introduces “On Demand” Exam Systems

Under this system, students who have completed the minimum required period of study hours and submitted all their assignments can choose a date of examination as per their convenience and preparation. They will not have to wait for end-of-the-term examinations which occur after six months.

The fees for the “On Demand” examination and the term-end examinations would be the same.

According to the IGNOU authorities, the new scheme will be beneficial for those who have failed or could not for some reason appear for a paper. Also students who could not find time to appear at exams for all the courses of a programme are expected to find this kind of examination helpful. Another significant feature of the new scheme is that the results of such examinations will be announced within two weeks of appearing at the examination.

This will help students whose maximum period of study is about to expire or those who need immediate results for career purposes. Students must fulfil the eligibility criteria as set for the end-of-term examination for a particular course or programme in order to sit for the “On Demand” examination.

The IGNOU will provide the “On Demand” examination facility in all courses of the Bachelor Preparatory Programme, Certificate in Guidance, Certificate in Teaching of English and Certificate in Organic Farming. The examination which was being conducted at two regional centres in Delhi is now being” extended to the Jaipur regional entre as well.

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