IIITM-Kerala links up with Nagaland University

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IIITM-Kerala links up with Nagaland University

The Union government would set up an Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) at Dimapur in Nagaland soon, Minister for Development of the North-East Region and Panchayati Raj Mani Shankar Aiyar said here on Saturday.

Inaugurating a broadband terrestrial education grid link between Indian Institute of Technology and Management (IIITM)-Kerala and the Nagaland University, Mr. Aiyar said the new interactive link should be developed as a double-lane for communication between the two States so as to enable students to gain the best from the teachers of the IIITM-K and ensure that Kerala imbibed the development models and initiatives launched by the Nagaland government towards attaining 100 per cent literacy in villages, among other achievements.

The link, a mentoring technique, has eliminated the distance between the south-west and north-east parts of the country, he said.

At the time of Independence, Nagaland was one of the two prosperous regions in the country, but it was caught in political turmoil. Now the State is emerging from the confusion. The new link would help Nagaland regain its prosperity and complement the capacity-building year observance launched by the State government.

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Education Minister MA. Baby, in his presidential address, said the trans-border link would provide more choices in education for Nagaland. Higher education has become a costly proposition. Technology support will help lower the cost of education.

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