IIM-Ahmedabad to revamp Placement System

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IIM-A to revamp Placement System

The Indian Institute of Management here has decided to make drastic changes in the recruitment and placement system for its students from the current academic year.

The institute has decided to switch over from the present “daily recruitment basis” to “cohort-based placement process” from February, 2010, IIM-A placement committee chairman Saral Mukherjee said.

The new system was finalised on the basis of the feedback the institute received at a meeting of representatives of some 60 top recruiting companies and other organisations held recently in Mumbai. The institute would now try to reach to other recruiters who could not make it to the Mumbai conclave and try to incorporate the feedback received from them before giving the new system the final shape.

According to the new system, recruitment and placements would be conducted on the campus in continuous week-ends called “cohorts,” instead of everything clubbed together in five to six continuous days.

The firms to be invited in each “cohort” would be those offering similar roles and opportunities and the sequence of inviting the firms would depend on the batch preference. The first cohort-based placement camp would start from February second week and continue for one to two months.

Since it would take more time, the new system would give more time to the students and recruiters for inter-action and to think over the offers and take appropriate decisions instead of taking on-the-spot decisions now.

“The cohort-based process is longer process but has significant advantage. The move essentially AIMS at a better match-making process, ensuring a better fit between the students and firms,” Mr. Mukherjee said.

‘Ideal System’

Considering the ever-increasing number of students, particularly with the implementation of the reservation policy, the IIM-A was looking for an “ideal system” for placements. “The new system may not be ideal but certainly is a move towards one. This will ensure that decisions are not made hastily on either side,” he said.

The IIM-A would also develop internally a “talentbouquet” system that would allow interaction between the firms and students through networking tools such as chatting, forum and alumni inter-action. The finer details of the system would be finalised soon, he said.

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