SC, ST Students shine in IIT / JEE

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SC, ST Students shine in IIT / JEE

Ten out of 75 students from the weaker sections, who were given coaching by the Government at Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Junior College run at Nagole in Hyderabad have come out in flying colours in the all – India tests of IIT / JEE.


Social Welfare Minister Pithani Satanarayana and Tribal Welfare Minister P. Balaraju complimented these students at a media conference here on 25th May, 2011.

They appreciated the teachers and the parents for their efforts in giving proper shape to their careers.

J. Raymond Peter, Principal Secretary, Social Welfare, was present on the occasion.

All these students hail from poverty – stricken families and rural background.

All of them secured 750 or more marks in March 2011 Inter examinations.

Ramaiah’s pat

Chukka Ramaiah, MLC, heaped praise on the students for their high calibre at maths.

One student belongs to the Scheduled Castes while the rest are from Scheduled Tribes.

They are : J. Mohan (ST, rank in IIT / JEE 452), P. Sravan Kumar (532), G. Balaraju (567), B. Prasad (573), G. Devendranath (639), G. Mallikarjuna (1037), Ch. Ravi Kumar (1129), N. Ramu (1442), K. Nirmala (1606) and K. Premchand (1612).