IIT Mumbai Telecasts their program through ISRO’s Educational Satellite (EDUSAT)

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IIT Mumbai Telecasts their program through ISRO’s Educational Satellite (EDUSAT)

For the first time students in more than 2,000 engineering colleges across the country will be able to study the same course like their counterparts in IIT Mumbai, just by sitting in their respective colleges.

With the setting up of over 50 Student Interactive Terminals (SIT), IIT Mumbai began telecasting their programme through ISRO’s educational satellite, EDUSAT, for hundreds of students across the country in the New Year, Professor Kannan Moudgalya, who is in charge of the programme, said.

“IIT Mumbai is planning to scale up the SIT to 2,000 in the next couple of years”, he said.

“The most important thing about this program is that these courses are transmitted free of cost to the colleges with the help of free bandwidth provided by the Indian Space Research Organisation,” Professor Moudgalya told PTI.

“We began this program from January 2 with 12 courses, out of the 500 courses offered in IIT Mumbai through EDUSAT for undergraduates and postgraduates. We will be transmitting five additional courses through WEBCAST, ” he said.

These courses, he said, are the same as what IIT students study, thereby guaranteeing the quality. But IIT will not hold exams, nor do any evaluation or give grades for the students from remote locations, he added.

The whole emphasis of this distance education programs is to help those IIT aspirants and other students in the remotest places to benefit from the IIT syllabus and standard and also interact with IIT professors and students live and offline, he said. — PTI

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