Indian Council of Historical Research to conduct Orientation Courses for History Teachers

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Indian Council of Historical Research to conduct Orientation Courses for History Teachers

When market-oriented and professional courses are attracting students, education institutions are striving to lure young minds to study traditional subjects such as history.

Lack of immediate employment opportunities may be one of the reasons for students drifting away from the latter.

But is there something wrong in the methodology of teaching history?

If teachers adopted, the right techniques will it help to attract students to History? The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), Delhi, has now planned to conduct orientation courses for select history teachers across the country on the proper methodology. The courses will be held in Bangalore, Delhi and Shillong, said A. Chinna Rao, Member Secretary, ICHR. The dates have not been finalised yet.

An expert committee appointed by ICHR will select the teachers who should be capable of motivating their students to continue history studies and research activities. Such teachers should be committed to the profession and not quit to take up some other job.

Mr.Chinna Rao told The Hindu Education-Plus that “Universities can take special measures to attract young students to study history.”

To another query, he said many major research works on historical subjects related to India have been done by European researchers.

This is because when the country was under British rule they had maintained a system of maintaining archives related to many subjects at three levels.

Copies of the documents were being maintained at the local level and at the national level in India and at the headquarters in Europe.

Archives maintained at the two levels in the country have disappeared for various reasons but copies of many such documents are available in Europe.

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