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E Summit at IIM Kozhikode

The second national E Summit will be held at IIM Kozhikode under the aegis of the Entrepreneurship Cell on 27th October, 2012 and 28th October, 2012.

The summit will present an avenue for promoting entrepreneurial ventures and serves as a platform for collaboration between start – ups, venture capitalists and mentors to encourage successful partnerships.

Theme for the summit this year is ‘redefining entrepreneurship : more than just starting up’. The summit will hold events including Social B Plan competitions, mobile app development competitions and panel discussions.

The speakers include Sanjay Anandaram, entrepreneur and venture partner, Seed Fund, Deepak Ravindran, CEO, Innoz Technology, Kartik Vaidyanathan, founder, Free Energy and Sanjay Vijayakuma, CEO, MobME Wireless Solutions.

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Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode MDP Programs Introduction Session


A Programme for Young – Leaders in the Making, Effective leadership ‘rests on reason ’ and ‘moves on passion .’ Passion dares the leader to creatively visualize things that appear impossible to others as well as energizes her / him to pursue action to realize those dreams. Reason enables the leader to give structure and stability to the process of pursuing the dreams as well as to the dreams already achieved. This programme focuses on becoming and being an effective leader, and enabling others to become and be effective leaders. Keeping this spirit, the programme aims to take the participants through a voyage of reflective discovery of their self and leadership potential and active learning to develop their leadership styles.

About MDP Program

The programme will be designed to enable the participants to :

Appreciate and gain a deeper understanding of :

  • Their self ,
  • Their leadership style ( s )
  • Fundamental human processes in organizations such as communication, power-politics-influence, conflict resolution, etc., and
  • Concepts like vision, mission, idealism, values, beliefs, rituals, symbols, dreams, etc.
  • Build sensitivity to the experiences associated with leadership; and to apply these understanding and skills to make better sense of modern organizational functioning and to enhance one’s potential to emerge and to continue as a leader.

Structure of MDP Program

  • Essence & Meaning of Leadership
  • Leadership Personality & Styles
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Gender Issues in Leadership
  • Redundancy of Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Value Based Leadership
  • Leadership in a Multi-Cultural Milieu
  • Leadership & Organizational Change / Renewal / Transformation
  • Leadership, Organizational Learning & Learning Organizations
  • Postmodernism & Leadership


Programmes on Leadership can be suitably designed for people at any level of the organizational hierarchy. Here, I am pitching this programme specifically for youngsters ( upper age limit: 35 years ), preferably with 5 to 10 years of organizational work experience. My clear intention of this positioning is to invigorate them for a life-long pursuit of leadership early on in life. The participants could be from the for-profit or not for profit organizations, government, family businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, political parties, activist groups, and so on. The only condition is: they need to be young – at heart and in mind , and with an open mind for exploration and experiencing.

Programme Fee

Residential – [rupee] 28500 + Service Tax 12.36%

Non Residential – [rupee] s.23000 + Service Tax 12.36%

Important Date

Apply on or before : 12th October, 2012.