Indian Institute of Science (IISC) gets Super Computer

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Indian Institute of Science (IISC) gets Super Computer

The Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore, was the first institution in the country to get the IBM’s ‘Blue Gene’ super computer that could herald a sea change in information access and management, according to C. Mohan, IBM Fellow, San Jone, USA.

“The first machine has been installed and it will provide a generation of information,” he said speaking at the national conference on ‘Information Management,’ organised by Thiagarajar College of Engineering (TCE) here on Friday.

Making a presentation on ‘trends and direction in information management,’ Dr. Mohan, who comes from IBM Almedan Research Center, said that the fast changing world needed a spectrum of info-serving tools and these days people were looking for only current information but not warehousing data.

He stressed that today’s business challenges mandated a fresh approach to managing information and the IBM had been consciously focusing on developing products that help in that direction.

“The clear view at the IBM is that products should be easier to configure and hence it collects the feedback from individual customers and organisations,” he said.

V. Abhaikumar, Principal, TCE, in his presidential address said that information explosion was the talk of the day and all fields, including computer science, agriculture and infrastructure, looked out for information. “The TCE has special interest groups to focus on various important areas and this national conference is a part of that,” he said. Dr. Abhaikumar hoped that the conference would propel the college faculty into information management research.

The conference was organised jointly by the departments of Computer Science and Engineering and Computer Applications as part of the golden jubilee celebrations of TCE.

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