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Spring Fest – 2013 at IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur is organising Spring Fest 2013 between 23rd January, 2012 and 26th January, 2012. The theme of the festival is ‘the true spirit of youth’ and it encourages college students from across the nation to participate enthusiastically.

The festival will host over 60 events to provide students a platform to showcase their talent. The major attraction this year is the nation – wide rock band competition ‘Wildfire’ which is to be conducted in five major cities – Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Guwahati. Wildfire has grown to become one of the biggest college-level rock band competitions in the country showcasing some of the best talent.

IIT Kharagpur Model United Nations conference in association with the debating society of IIT Kharagpur is another highlight event. It is a three – day conference being held in association with UNIC.

There will also be a nation-wide street play competition. Students of IIT Kharagpur invite all college-students to come participate. For more information log on to

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IIT Kharagpur Techno Management Festival

A series of online events will commence from the first week of November in the run up to the Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ), Kharagpur s prestigious techno – management fest ‘Kshitij 2013’ , which is to be held from 1st February, 2013 to 4th February, 2013 at Kharagpur.

The idea is to enable students from engineering colleges across the country to start preparing their submissions for the event and send the same by 15th December, 2012, organisers of ‘Kshitij have stated in a release here on 23rd October, 2012. To participate in the fest, students need to register on the website :

‘Kshitij offers a national platform for engineering students to showcase their technical and managerial prowess in 40 events encompassing nine genres. The annual techno – management event, which started in 2004, saw a total participation of over 50,000 students and a prize money of [rupee] 60 lakh in the last edition held earlier 2012 year.

The numerous globally known certifications like ACM, ASME, IMechE, IEEE and ASHRAE associated with the event, stand testimony to the quality of participation in the festival.

The ACM, which is widely regarded as the most prestigious certification in the field of computer science, is associated with popular night – long coding competition Overnite. Events like aircraft designing competition ‘Laws of Motion are certified by Institution of Mechanical Engineers ( IMechE ).

Budding entrepreneurs get incubation funding from angel investors and venture capitalists if the executive summary of their business idea impresses the judges of the event ‘B Plan. Online events like ‘Woodstock and Forex, dealing with real time stock market and foreign exchange transactions are simulated and played with virtual money.

‘Kshitij also undertakes several social initiatives each year in association with some of the country s leading non – governmental organisations. The participants can actually make a difference, as their ideas will see fruition and will be implemented by the NGOs to tackle social issues.

Guest lectures, exhibitions, elucidatory workshops featuring eminent per – sonalities like Nobel laureates, astronauts, renowned scientists and CEOs are other key attractions.