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Plans afoot to Advance Result announcements of ISC Examination

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations ( CISCE ), the private, non – governmental board of school education which conducts Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ( ICSE ) and Indian School Certificate ( ISC ), is exploring ways to advance the date of announcement of results, according to C.M. Jose Aikara, chairman of the CISCE Schools.

He was addressing an academic festival organised in the city on 9th February, 2013 by Yellow Train School, a nursery which had now launched a school for grades 1 to 5. It has adopted the ICSE and International General Certificate of Secondary Education ( IGCSE ) curriculum and would commence from the academic year 2013 – 14.

Responding to a question that results of this board were sometimes behind other boards which was causing difficulties in college admission, Dr. Jose informed that the Council was trying to adopt information technology-based solutions for advancing the result announcement.

However, he added that it was still in an early stage and that the Council was unable to make any firm announcements just yet.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Salient Features of ICSE Board,’ he noted that it was followed by over 2,000 schools in India and abroad, very few of which were government schools.

Students of this board do not have to take the TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language ) as ICSE Board had been accorded recognition by the U.K. Government.

Last year, the board had a pass percentage of 98.6 across India with the students who failed most likely to have not completed their tests.

Speaking later, Senthil G., Director ( Human Resources ), Microsoft India, said that schools had an important role in shaping students to realise their potential.

Besides imbibing ‘adaptability’ and ‘learnability,’ students must also know how to collaborate amidst competion and have value.

Citing a study by Economic Modelling Specialists International ( EMSI ), he said that in 2013, software developers would be the most needed with job growth being the highest in this sector, followed by accountants / auditors and marketing research analysts / marketing specialists. Santhya Vikram, Director, Yellow Train Center for Learning, said that this board offered the schools complete freedom to set the curriculum for Standards I to VIII.

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ICSE to Allow All School Students to Study Foreign Languages 2013

Chennai With the rising demand for foreign languages in schools, the council for Indian School Certificate Examinations ( ICSE ) has relaxed its rules to allow all students, Indian or foreign, to study foreign languages.

Earlier, only foreign nationals or Indians who have been abroad for a stipulated period of time could opt for a foreign language for the ICSE board exam. “Everyone else had to study an Indian language. Many students wanted the option of studying a foreign language,” said Gerry Arafhoon, Chief Executive and Secretary of ICSE.

In January, ICSE schools received a circular from the council stating that foreign languages would be open to all students with effect from the 2015 Class 10 board examinations.

“Perhaps the increasing mobility of the Indian population around the world has caused this change in the curriculum. At our school, many parents have shown interest in French,” said Deivanai Muthuga – Neshan, Principal of ICSE school Hari Shree Vidyalayam. The Council is allowing students to study other foreign languages too, but Hari Shree Vidyalayam Only offers French.

For parents interested in making the switch to French at primary school level, the school will hold a test in June. “We will give children a portion of the French syllabus to learn over summer holidays, and give them a test. They have to be ready to join the group that is already learning the language,” said Muthu – ganeshan.

At The Ashram School, which is affiliated to the ICSE board, new admission forms are being prepared to let parents know about the option. “We will have to hire a full – time French teacher now. With several parents showing interest, we expect a huge jump in numbers,” said principal Lakshmi Ramachandran.

“I find the standards of Hindi very high in my son’s school. I have heard that French is easier, so I may consider the option,” said a parent whose eight – year – old studies in an ICSE school.

“Over the years, we have seen a rising demand for foreign languages,” said Bhavani Shankar, senior principal, Lalaji Memorial Omega International School. “The only foreign language we offered was French. This year, we will be introducing German because of the number of inquiries,” he said.

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ICSE reduces Class X and Class XII Examination Fee

It’s good news for students appearing for the Class X and XII examinations conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations ( CISCE ) in March next.

The council, which runs around 2000 schools across the country, has decided to reduce the examination fee by over 50 per cent in the next examinations

“We have decided to reduce examination fees from ₹ 2100 to ₹ 1000 this time”, said CISCE Chairman Jose Aikara.

“The council had increased the examination fees as it required funds for various purposes. The council has decided to cut the amount from next year for the benefit of students”, he said on the sideline of a function here.

About 1.60 lakh students in Class X and 80,000 students in Class XII examinations had appeared last time. The number of candidates for both the examinations was expected to increase this time, he said.

Aikara said CISCE had already introduced the common syllabus at the higher secondary level. The students would appear for the examinations in 2014 as per the common syllabus designed as per the suggestions given by experts.

The syllabus in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Commerce had been changed as per suggestion by experts. The government wanted that the students would appear in the examination in 2014 in uniform syllabus across the country.

He, however, said CISCE would maintain its identity from others adding a few more subjects in some courses.


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