Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) sponsored Automatic Weather Station

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Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) sponsored Automatic Weather Station

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has sponsored an indigenous Automatic Weather Station (AWS) for the BU-DRDO Centre for Life Sciences of the Bharathiar University for monitoring and observation of weather changes. The centre functioning under the aegis of the university is supported by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

ISRO’s INSAT 3A and KALPANA 1 satellites carry data relay transponders which can receive data from remote platforms deployed on ground and water bodies. Meteorological application of these satellites-based data relay is one of its foremost applications. With data collection from local levels and remote and inaccessible areas through AWS, weather forecasts and services is said to improve significantly.

With this in mind, ISRO took up the development of AWS with the participation of Indian industry and a prototype was successfully demonstrated.

“The low-cost AWS is compact and modular and capable of operating with minimum power from battery and solar panel for extended periods in field conditions. It can be operated even in remote areas where power supply and communication are not available and can also operate unattended for at least six years,” Director of BU-DRDO S. Balasubramaniam said.


“It can continuously record weather data like temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, relative humidity, solar radiation, etc.” Bharathiar University was one among the 20 locations to be included in the first phase where ISRO had planned to install AWS.

Speaking at the installation, Vice-Chancellor G. Thiruvasagam stressed the need for accurate weather data for environmental monitoring, water management, irrigation, crop acreage and cropping system analysis.

“This will help in making better plans for cropping patterns, afforestation and for developing vegetation maps in the State. The AWS has been developed indigenously by the Space Applications Centre (SAC), Department of Space, Government of India, in association with Astra Microwave Products,” the Vice-Chancellor added.

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