Inspector of Matriculation Schools (IMS) conducts regular counselling programs for teachers

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Inspector of Matriculation Schools (IMS) conducts regular counselling programs for teachers

In the wake of recent reports on ill-treatment of students by teachers, the office of the Inspector of Matriculation Schools (IMS) is planning to conduct regular counselling programmes for teachers.

Between January and March, three incidents of students being harassed by teach-ers happened here sullying the image of the teaching community in the society.

They were the cases of second standard student Jenith Kumar, who was inflicted with a head injury, a fifth standard student Hariharasudha, whose hair was cut and a Plus 2 student Sathish, who was bitten by a teacher.

The IMS has pulled up its socks to conduct regular counselling programmes for teachers and administrators with a view to checking this kind of incidents in future.

“The teachers will be removed if we come to know about any ill-treatment of students/’ warned R Kaliannan, IMS, Coimbatore and the Nilgiris districts while talking to this paper here on Thursday.

He said counselling will be held in all the 450 matricula-tion schools in Coimbatore and the Nilgiris bringing experts from outside and also by himself, he said.

“Schools will be inspected and grievances will be heard from both the students and teachers to know under what circumstances education is being offered in matriculation schools,” he said.

Academicians pointed out there are “under-qualified” teachers in schools. The IMS hence will ensure all schools have qualified teachers who have completed B.Ed or M.Ed or at least teacher training.

“Under-qualified teachers will be given time to get qualified,” Kaliannan said.

Principal of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) Kumidhini Periyasamy said the pressure from both the parents and managements sometimes forces the teachers to behave in a rude manner.

Adding to the pressure is the teacher-students ratio, which is 1:50 in many schools, she added.

Indicating the dearth of qualified teachers, she said not many are willing to take up this profession since teachers are not paid well.

“Even those who prefer teaching take it as a stop-gap arrangement. Once they get a better job, they go/’ she said and added that these contribute to the stray incidents of misbehaviour by teachers in matriculation schools.

Academicians pointed out that all schools should conduct orientation programmes for their teachers on a regular basis to improve the quality of teaching and understand the student psychology.

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