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Handful of Students enrol for Dual Degree Courses

With few takers for the dual degree programme launched by the Mumbai University this year, the varsity is now luring its regular students to take up a second course through distance education. The university has extended the admission dates for the Institute of Distance and Open Learning ( IDOL ) by almost a month and is also advertising it as the ‘last opportunity’ to pursue dual degrees.

The dual degree scheme was introduced this year and the university has not managed to attract only 10 – 15 students, that too not in affiliated colleges. The second phase of admissions for IDOL, which was to closed be on 18th September, 2012, has now been extended up to 12th October, 2012. In their advertisements, IDOL is now claiming that it is the last opportunity for students from the current batch to take admissions in two courses.

Till 18th September, 2012, over 65,000 students enrolled for IDOL courses. Last year, the corresponding figure was over 68,000. An university official said, “The dates have been extended to give more time to students who want to seek admission but have not managed to do so till now. Also, there might be some students in regular courses who would want to pursue two degrees at a time, but are not aware of the scheme.”

Since it was the first year of implementation of the dual degree programme, colleges did not manage to publicize it among students, say officials.

“Students who pursue the dual degree programme through distance education need not attend lectures regularly. It will benefit the students too if they pursue one degree from a regular college and the other one through distance learning,” said an official.