Course on Plant Molecular Biology

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Course on Plant Molecular Biology

Biotechnology was emerging as one of the most innovative technologies in life sciences in spite of all socio – economic hurdles, said S.Uma, Principal Scientist, Crop Improvement Division, National Research Centre for Banana, Tiruchi.

Even though, biotechnology and molecular biology is included in the syllabus of all life science courses at under graduate level, the practical part of this subject is still in its infancy stage, she said inaugurating short – term hands – on training course on basic techniques in plant molecular biology organised by the Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory of the PG and Research Department of Botany of Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchi.

The programme is sponsored by Department of Biotechnology in the Union Ministry of Science and Technology.

Study on molecular mechanisms underlying the genetic, epigenetic expressions and physiological biochemistry of genes were most important than the blind folded release of transgenic varieties.

In other words, validation of transgenic crops depends purely on the molecular biological validation of the expression of transgene through generations.

A.K. Khaja Nazeemudeen Saheb, secretary and correspondent of Jamal Mohamed College, released the laboratory manual.

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