Karnataka’s Colleges Fail to Utilize Improvement Funds

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Karnataka’s Colleges Fail to Utilize Improvement Funds

Karnataka’s record in utilizing funds under the Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme ( TEQIP ) Phase 2 has been poor.

At a national scale review meeting of 11 states in Bangalore on 23rd September, 2013 it came to light that institutes are yet to utilize funds released by the Centre. “Karnataka colleges have spent only ₹ 26 crore of the ₹ 40 crore we released at the beginning of Phase 2 in 2010 – 2011.

The more the colleges spend out of funds for improvement and implement programmes chartered by TEQIP, the more they get,” said Professor UA Digraskar, central project adviser, National Project Implementation Unit, Delhi.

The implementation deadline is 2014 – 2015 and only one – and – half financial years are left to utilize the funds. Of the 11 colleges selected under TEQIP in the state, eight are government and government – aided colleges and four are private universities. The outlay for Karnataka is ₹ 185 crore in the second phase, of which ₹ 40 crore was released, he said.

“This is the age of the knowledge economy and Karnataka has great potential to raise the force of human capital. Today, students can access the world on computers. They look for choice of discipline, affordable education and quality of faculty before entering college. They want a placement guarantee at the end of the course.

I’ve seen many colleges where industries don’t even go. Rural colleges should utilize these funds to improve the quality of students who can compete in the world market,” said RV Deshpande, minister for higher education.

He hinted that if the second phase is extended for some more time, rural colleges could work to increase quality of education. TEQIP Phase 2 includes 189 institutions in 20 states and has earmarked ₹ 2,430 crore in all.

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We are rich in human capital but shockingly, only 17 lakh students in the 18 – 25 age group go to the higher education level in the state, while 53 lakh don’t even reach that level. RV Deshpande, minister for higher education.

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