Boarding Schools to introduce e-Learning

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Boarding Schools to introduce e – Learning

e – learning will soon make inroads into the classrooms of State – run Morarji Desai Residential schools for boys and girls and Kittur Rani Chennamma Residential schools for girls as the Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society (KREIS) has embarked on an ambitious plan of providing next generation learning aids to them with the aim of rekindling interest in core subjects, especially science and mathematics, among the children who mostly hail from rural Karnataka.

In its resolve to make classroom learning interesting with technology – driven educational tools, the society, a nodal agency formed under the Department of Social Welfare for setting up boarding schools, has come up with the initiative of equipping boarding schools with 2D and 3D multimedia – based educational content.

It has been proposed to introduce e – learning concepts in 509 residential schools in the State.

The society has drawn up the project of supplying multimedia educational tools for four core subjects – general science, mathematics, social science and English – as per the State syllabus.

An agency with the experience of making new – age educational tools for schools has come forward to provide 2D and 3D tools in all four core subjects for the 10th standard.

From Next Term

“We can introduce e – learning for the 10th standard in the residential schools from the next academic year as we are confident of getting the contents ready by then.

The tools will be in Kannada and English medium. Whoever supplies the tools have to train the staff and facilitate their functioning until the school staff become familiar with them,” said K.N. Chandrashekar, Executive Director, KREIS.

Mr. Chandrashekar said the society has proposed to equip classes from 6th standard to 10th standard with 2D and 3D educational devices.

“We have managed to get a demonstration content for 10th standard in Kannada and English medium. Therefore, we may go ahead with the e – learning concept for the 10th standard.

However, if competent agencies are ready to customise contents as per the syllabus for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th standards, e – learning for these classes will be launched from the coming academic year,” he said.

Mr. Chandrashekar said the society had received responses from the agencies for providing contents in English medium. “As we have classes in Kannada medium too, we are looking for combo tools in both mediums,” he added.

“If the contents are developed to our specifications, we can introduce the next generation learning aids from 6th standard from the next academic year,” he said.

The State has 228 Kannada – medium schools and 280 English – medium residential schools.

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