Kerala likely to effect Modifications in Class VII Social Science Textbook

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Kerala likely to effect Modifications in Class VII Social Science Textbook

Kerala Education Minister M.A. Baby has indicated that certain modifications will be effected in the social science textbook for Class VII.

He was speaking to press-persons here on Tuesday after receiving the interim report of an expert committee set up to study complaints against revised textooks introduced in the State’s schools this year.

The report was submitted to the Minister by committee chairman K.N. Panikkar. The textbook would not be withdrawn. No lesson would be taken out.

The modifications, if any, would be only to certain portions of certain lessons, Mr. Baby said.

Emergency meet

An emergency meeting of the curriculum committee would be convened on Thursday afternoon to discuss the recommendations made in the interim report. Since the Assembly is in session, it would be taken into confidence on the matter.

A decision on tabling the interim report in the Assembly would be taken after discussions with the Speaker and the Chief Minister, Mr. Baby said. The interim report is only about the social science textbook of Class VII.

When the committee was constituted, a section of the media reported that it was packed with communist sympathisers. When the committee held its first sitting on Monday, the same media claimed that the majority opinion in the committee was that the new textbook should be withdrawn, the Minister pointed out.

Earlier, addressing a press conference after the finalisation of the interim report, Dr. Panikkar said the committee viewed the controversies relating to the new textbooks as an opportunity to hold a serious academic debate about the contents, the structure and the pedagogy of the new textbooks.

“We plan to use this opportunity,” he said. Therefore, the committee plans to hold debates in various towns across the State on this subject. A questionnaire has been prepared for this.

The committee would have a website where people could post their views.

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