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K.J. Somaiya Institute conduct Renaissance 2012

K.J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering And Information Technology, Mumbai will conduct Renaissance 2012, a national level technical fest, which is to be held from 14th September, 2012 to 15th September, 2012.

Renaissance 2012 is an annual technical fest is being conducted every year by the K.J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology. The annual technical festival Renaissance is organized jointly by the CSI committee and has been doing a great job at it and they hope to continue this in the future.

True to its name Renaissance, the fest will bring in a fresh new wave of innovation to the fore. As always they inspire to think out of the box. It is with the concerted effort of its student fraternity and the support of the institute that, this year the fest embark on a land – mark 5th festival of its kind, overcoming every little hurdle on the way and raising the bar just that little bit higher each year.

Beginning from the 14th  September, 2012 this 2 – day extravaganza will host participants from the length and breadth of the state. With a multitude of events lined up, its sure to keep everyone charged up as long as they are here. TechEon – evolution of technology through the years, the theme of the festival is aptly supported by a series of events like Time Machine and Tech Track. And it’s further given a green touch by their social cause – E – waste management, which is definitely the need of the hour.

For those of students who may want to take a break from the lengthy codes and the crackling of electronic – circuits, a plethora of cultural events like LAN gaming and Sumo wrestling will be sure to keep them occupied.

KJ Somaiya Institute Renaissance Events

  • Busted.
  • Click.
  • Code Masters and Code Wrestling.
  • CSI Battlefield.
  • Dream Job.
  • Indian Pie.
  • LAN Gaming.
  • MS Paint
  • Pixelate Web Designing.
  • Raging Bull.
  • RE Engineering ( C++ & Java ).
  • Tech Tempore.
  • Time Machine.
  • Paper Presentation.
  • Treasure Hunt.
  • Words Smith.

KJ Somaiya Institute Renaissance Shows

  • Stunt Show.
  • Garba Night.
  • DJ Night.
  • Sumo Wrestling Suits .

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Venue : K.J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Mumbai.

Event Official Site : http://renaissancethefest.com

Event Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/renaissancethefest

Contact Details :

Kapish Agrawal, Secretary,
Email : secretary@kjsieit-csi.in,
Phone No. : +919028726962.
Rutvij Sawant, Public Relations Officer,
Email : pro@kjsieit-csi.in,
Phone No. : +919892226811.

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