Kongu Engineering College Teams secured Net Patents

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Kongu Engineering College Teams secured Net Patents

Teams from Kongu Engineering College here have secured three patents for inventions developed by them, setting a positive trend in the academic scene in the State.

One of them, comprising Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering A. Somasundaram, and former students S. Srikaanth, G. Vijayasekaran, N. Akilan and S. Ganapathy, conceived the idea of an automated fish feeding system in 2005 for the college’s annual Open House Exhibition.

It took them two months and Rs. 900 to translate the idea. They documented the process and applied for a patent, which came through in September 2007. Those who rear ornamental fish at home now have an option to feed it with the aid of the system.

It uses an electronic circuit and a few devices to help feed fish in the right quantities at regular intervals.

The electronic circuit has a timer, which determines how often fish are fed.


The circuit controls a stopper, attached to the nozzle at the bottom of a hopper, which upon activation opens to allow a pre-determined quantity of feed to fall into the tank.

The timed opening of the stopper ensures that the fish get its food in the right quantities and at regular intervals, without human intervention.

College Vice-Principal K. Krishnaswamy says the patent is perhaps the first for an engineering college in Tamil Nadu and certainly the first for colleges under Anna University, Coimbatore. The college managed to obtain two more patents subsequently.


Anna University, Coimbatore, Vice-Chancellor R. Radhakrishnan, has promised the college that he would do his best to market the product. The Vice-Chancellor has for long urged colleges to go in for research and patents, has welcomed the patent. “It is good that the college has obtained the patent. I hope it shows the way for other institutions in the region,” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor said that from the coming academic year colleges would be rated on the basis of parameters like the number of patents obtained and not just teaching-learning and result.

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