Kovai in need of more CBSE Schools

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Kovai in need of more CBSE Schools

AS there is shortage of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools in Coimbatore, parents who come here on transfer from other states are facing difficulties in giving proper education to their wards.

At present, there are only six CBSE schools including two Kendriya Vidyals in Coimbatore. This situation dashes the hope of at least a few local people also who want to admit their children to CBSE schools.

According to sources, many educational institutions have applied for permission to start CBSE schools but the Centre is sitting on their representations.

The correspondent of a matriculation higher secondary school said “We are still running classes up to sixth standard in the CBSE stream.

We have submitted representations for recognition to extend the classes up to Plus Two.

If the state government is not encouraging the CBSE schools, the Centre is not considering our representations.

Most parents want their children to continue their education up to 12th standard in the same school. That is why CBSE schools are gaining importance”.

Principal of a CBSE school said “We have classes up to Plus Two with arts group. We could not offer science group because the government is yet to give permission.

Most parents want their children to learn English communication skills which is possible only through CBSE schools”.

While parents can easily get all details about state board and matriculation schools through education offices, website is the only source to collect any information about CBSE institutions.

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