Online Foreign Languages Learning Kit launched

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Online Foreign Languages Learning Kit launched

To give a further competitive edge to Indians who have made a mark in the Information Technology sector, there is now a new thrust on English and foreign language skills.

With the success of IT Enabled Services, BPO and KPO sectors, there is growing demand for Indians with knowledge of foreign languages in Asian and European markets.

Keeping these developments in mind, the city – based “The Language Company”, launched the foreign languages product ‘Tell Me More’ at Hyderabad on 18th March, 2011.

Mr. Adam Gordon Hopewell, Founder and CEO of the company, told media persons that the ‘Tell me More’ had over seven million users globally.

The foreign languages available in it are British English, American English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese – in online and computer terminal versions.

Md. Waseem Akram, Functional Leader, Marketing said that the product would focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, culture, history of a particular language besides offering 40 different interactive forms of activity.

Mr. V.Y.L.N. Murthy, Company Leader, said an inter – school competition will be held next month for school students of class 5 to 12 on the theme “Why foreign languages are so important for my future?”

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