Loyola-ty to Unitary University takes a hit

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Loyola-ty to Unitary University takes a hit

There were tumultuous scenes inside Loyola College on Friday, as members of the Teaching Staff Association prevented the top brass of the management from submitting their views to the government on the issue of converting the college into a unitary university.

Around 40 faculty members stopped the car carrying college principal A Albert Muthumalai and others, who were leaving the campus to attend a meeting called by the government to elicit the views of managements on converting the college into a unitary university.

The staff members who organised a protest, said the conversion of the now aided college would only lead to commercialization of the institution, which went against the core principle of service to the poor.

Vincent Jeyakumar, President of Loyola College Teaching Staff Association, said that the college management did not discuss the proposal with staff members.

Besides the fear that the move would lead to the college going the ‘private deemed university’ way, the staff said that the government itself was not clear on how the unitary universities would shape up. Also, a change of government could lead to a change in policy, they said.

However, Muthumalai said there was no conflict of interest between the management and teaching staff.

The protest only showed the apprehension over the government’s higher education policy. “We would accept the unitary university status only if the institution remained government aided,” he said.

The government has mooted the unitary concept in response to a demand by the National Knowledge Commission.

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