Madras University introduced Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) System

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Madras University introduced Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) System

The Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) system of evaluation introduced by Madras University for the examinations held in November-December last year to prevent malpractices, has left scores of students fuming and confused. The private agency to which the job was outsourced, has allegedly goofed up the entire exercise, and the results of several students have been mixed up.

A first year B.Com. student, Janani found that a website displayed her marks in Statistics paper as nine. However, two days later, another site that hosted “an updated mark list” showed her marks in the subject to be 90.

“The internal marks of Bachelor in Information Sofware Management first year students of our college have been reflected in the external marks category and the place for internal marks left blank,” said G K Francis, Principal, A M Jain College. “I have received 50-60 different types of complaints,” he added.

A B.Sc. student who did not appear the examination has been awarded 60 marks in a subject, while the result of a B.Com. student in a paper was ‘withheld’.

The university authorities blame the students for shading the code using a pen instead of a pencil. However, besides the OMR instruction sheet, “the Controller of Examinations said it should be shaded with a pen,” said Francis.

Professors insist that at least 3,000 students have been victims of such discrepancies. However, University Controller of Examinations Murugesan disagreed. “Only 200-300 cases have been reported, whereas 5.26 lakh candidates appeared the examinations. The candidates failed to write their registration numbers and shade the OMR. We are sorting it out,” he said.

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