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MG University Retired Teachers Valuation of Answer Scripts 2013

A panel of retired hands for MG University Exam Valuation

Concerned over the severe shortage of teachers for paper valuation, the Mahatma Gandhi University is considering a proposal to set up a panel of retired teachers for valuation duty.

The latest move also forms part of the ongoing efforts to step up the quality of valuation of the papers of various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by the varsity.

Confirming the development, Vice – Chancellor A. V. George told The Hindu on 29th April, 2013 that preliminary discussions had begun on forming a panel of retired teachers for carrying out valuation of answer scripts.

Dr. George said the appointment of retired teachers on valuation duty would help in reducing the workload of existing teachers. It would also help in reducing complaints that a section of teachers was not serious about the valuation of answer scripts.

Asked whether the university planned to penalise erring teachers in tune with the decision taken by the Kerala University, the Vice – Chancellor said it was not practical. He said the university could always take steps to prevent such incidents but had no legal cover to take disciplinary action against teachers for careless evaluation. The Kerala University had slapped a fine of ₹ 2,500 each on seven teachers for committing errors while valuing answer scripts.

Admitting that there were many incidents of careless valuation of answer scripts by teachers, Dr. George recalled a case where a teacher had awarded the same mark for several students. He said the faculty member resigned from the post even before the varsity authorities could initiate any disciplinary action.

As per the preliminary proposal, the services of retired teachers would be used only for valuation duty. The supervisory powers would remain with the serving teachers. The university authorities might also impose a minimum ‘out of service’ limit for retired teachers being empanelled for valuation duty to ensure transparency. The services of retired teachers would be initially used for the valuation of answer sheets of postgraduate examinations.

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MGU to implement Indirect Grading System 2013

Mahatma Gandhi University will switch to the indirect grading system based on a seven – point scale instead of the existing direct grading pattern based on a five – point scale from next academic year. The move comes as part of the University Syndicate’s decision to implement the Prof. B. Hridayakumari committee report on choice – based credit and semester system submitted before the Kerala State Higher Education Council and later ratified by the government.

As per recommendations of the committee, mark system should be introduced instead of grading for each question. However, notional grading on the basis of marks will be indicated for each semester. Overall gradation will be on a seven – point scale and it will be awarded only at the end of the academic programmme. The seven-point scale will be 90 and above ( A plus  –  outstanding ); 80 to 89 ( A – excellent ); 70 to 79 ( B – very good ); 60 to 69 ( C – good ); 50 to 59 ( D – satisfactory ); 40 to 49 ( E – adequate ); and below 40 ( F – failure ).

In the existing direct grading system, the five – point scale includes A ( excellent – grade point 4 ); B ( very good – grade point 3 ); C ( good – grade point 2 ); D ( average – grade point 1 ) and E ( poor – grade point 0 ). The committee’s report had pointed out that the five – point scale direct grading system would not ensure an impartial assessment of students’ performance due to the wide range for which the evaluation was made ( for instance, 62.5 to 87.5 meant ‘B’ grade ). With the implementation of the Hridayakumari report, the vacation pattern will also switch to April – May instead of one month breaks in November and May.

For internal assessment, 10 marks will be awarded for test paper, five for seminar or assignment and five for attendance. The University will conduct examinations for core subjects and compulsory language papers to be centrally evaluated at the end of second, fourth and sixth semester for external assessment. All practical examinations will be conducted at the end of second, fourth and sixth semesters. The examinations for complementary subjects, electives, open courses and additional languages, will be conducted at the end of all semesters.


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