Majority B Schools have no Quality Faculty

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Majority B Schools have no Quality Faculty

Majority of business schools in the country lacked quality faculty to teach prospective managers, which was evident from the long list of faculty names voluntarily disclosed by the schools, said Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore professor R. Ravi Kumar.

Proper human resources to train future managers sets apart a B-School from the other, he opined and expressed dismay at the State government’s efforts only to quantitatively increase the number of MBA graduates without ensuring entry of students with right aptitude and high IQ.

Explaining the difference between the IIMs or such institutions, which were viewed as pioneers of quality MBA graduates, and any one in Andhra Pradesh, he highlighted the need to choose the right student before churning out ‘managers’.

Delivering a lecture at the Graduation Day of GITAM School of International Business on GITAM University campus on Sunday, he advised students to get exposure to market / industry conditions as much as possible, have higher levels of endurance.

“Emulate your teacher and be better than him/her, that will be right mantra for your success,” he said.
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Complimenting the Gitam School of International Business for imparting quality education and introducing innovative specialisations, he hoped that students would take advantage of the meticulous training procedure adopted on the campus.

Social Responsibility

Chief Executive Officer of Bottom of Pyramid Energy Ashish Gawade, special invitee from the industry to address the outgoing students, said special social responsibility measures were not required if social entrepreneurship was taken up, which would serve the entrepreneur himself alongside the society around him. He gave the example of green energy production.

Chief Executive Officer of TransDyne IT Services, Hyderabad, Adusumilli Raghu Vasu, was presented a fellowship of the Gitam. Explaining the admission process into the college, B-School Dean V.K. Kumar said that it would make its own entrance exam online and add representatives of the industry in the interview board for choosing the right student from their perspective also.

Entry into the course was through the scores obtained in CAT, MAT, XAT and IIFT, he said.

The average salary for a graduate on placement was Rs.3.25 lakhs and 100 per cent placement record was achieved so far, he added.

Netherland-based Diederich Baker took some classes on Advertising and Management and found Gitam students very receptive.

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