Many Students needs Support

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Many Students needs Support

Around 12 per cent of students in government-aided schools in the district need special attention to do well in the coming SSLC examinations, a study conducted by the education committee of the district panchayat has found.

A majority of the students who lagged behind others in studies came from economically and socially backward groups, the study revealed.

These findings have prompted the team to recommend that local bodies formulate special programs to raise the educational standard of these children.

Students belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities were particularly in need of such support.

171 Aided Schools

The study covered 5,312 students in SSLC classes in 171 government-aided schools. In the list of poor performers in academics, students from ST communities figured prominently. They were followed by those from SC communities.

K.K. Sivadasan, co-ordinator of district education committee, quoting from the study, said that nearly 93 per cent of SC / ST students who lagged behind others were from villages.

Parents of educationally backward students were themselves poorly educated – only two per cent of them were graduates and postgraduates. They were also from financially weaker strata of society.


These children also were handicapped by lack of facilities and psychological support at home and diseases. About 12 per cent of them had to go for work and contribute to family income.

Some students were troubled by the drinking habit of family members. Parents of 67 per cent of children who were not good at studies were labourers. About 13 per cent of these children did not have electricity at home.

Individual Care

The team recommended that teachers visit homes of these children and take special care to improve their performance, paying individual attention to the students.

The study also suggests formation of study centres in neighbourhood of the houses of educationally backward students, counselling programs and intervention of the members of the local body concerned so that the students would fare better in SSLC examination.

The details of the study were announced here on Monday by K.P. Kunhammedkuty, president, district panchayat, K.V. Vinod Babu, deputy director, education, and M. Radhakrishnan, chairman, standing committee for education, district panchayat.

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