MeritTrac launches Digital Certificates

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MeritTrac launches Digital Certificates

CertiTrac, a technology – led solution for secure distribution of digital convocation certificates, was launched by MeritTrac.

This will enable university graduates access their certificates online without having to personally visit either the institution in which they studied or the university, according to a release.

A nation – wide survey of the graduates of 2007 – 10 batch conducted by MeritTrac revealed that 81 per cent of them faced undue delay in getting the degree certificates and 86 per cent of them had to pursue this repeatedly with their universities.

Nearly 92 per cent of the students felt technological solutions could improve the system, which led MeritTrac to create CertiTrac for distribution of digital degree certificates in a secure, quick and student – friendly manner.

Students can avail themselves of the facility by paying the convocation fee either online or by Demand Draft based on the university registration number and combination of their personal details.

After the payment, the details are authorised by university officials and the preview of the e-convocation certificate is generated for the students to verify the details in all respects.

Subsequently, post confirmation, the final e-convocation certificate is generated for the student to print or download followed by a request generation to print and dispatch the original degree certificate.

The candidate is kept informed about the status of application at every stage of the process through emails and SMSes.

This unique service benefits the students and eliminates unnecessary administrative procedures and delays as well, at the university end or at the affiliated institutions.

Bangalore University became the first university to implement this service. CertiTrac was launched by its Vice – Chancellor N. Prabhu Dev.

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