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Microsoft Research launches Portal 2013

Nearly 3,000 students came together Coimbatore on 24th January, 2013, to spend a whole day in knowing more about research in computer science, taking up research – related projects, and being part of a global student network that had its interest in computer science research.

Microsoft Research India had its ninth edition of research symposium, TechVista on 24th January, 2013. The company had conducted the annual event in Kolkatta and Pune. In Coimbatore, the organisers found the student response overwhelming. It also launched a research community portal

It will provide the students a platform to connect with the computer science faculty and researchers across the country. ACM India, the India arm of ACM, will be a key partner in the Research Connector. According to a release from the company, the aim is to have Research Connector as a hub driven by the research community where students can learn about computer science research, have access to faculty from various institutions, and work on real world problems.

P. Anandan, Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, told Press Peoples that Microsoft Research was involved with 23 universities in the country that had research studies. It supported students to do summer internships at IITs to know more about research and also had its own internship programmes.

It was engaged with the industries in the IT initiatives and also with the Government. There was a growth in the number of students who were showing interest in taking up research as a career. They were eager to learn and the TechVista would support students from colleges that did not have research studies too.

Richard F. Rashid, Chief Research Officer of Microsoft Research, said that similar programmes were held in different countries to reach out to the academic community. Events were organised for the faculty too. The students had access to technology and tools.

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