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Ministry of Human Resource Development Notification

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Ministry of Human Resource Development

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Yet another academic session is about to commence. While extending my best wishes to all students entering the portals of higher education, I wish to humbly urge all parents/guardians and our students / young citizens, through this statement, that while seeking admission in higher educational institutions, they should satisfy themselves that such institutions are recognized under the relevant laws and are of quality and repute.

In particular, you should not merely go by the advertisements issued in the media by higher educational institutions, but satisfy yourselves on all counts in respect of quality and statutory recognition because it is not necessary that all that is projected in advertisements would be based on facts.

Even in the case of recognized institutions and universities, it would be prudent to satisfy oneself that courses for which admission are being advertised are also duly recognized and further that the campuses to which admissions are being offered are also recognized campuses of such institutions or universities.

AII relevant information in this connection could be obtained either from the website of the University Grants Commission (UGC), the All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and other statutory bodies directly from them.

All statutory authorities coming under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resource Development have been directed to ensure that they effectively campaign against institutions which are unrecognized, unauthorized or of dubious quality; and also to widely publicize information in respect of such institutions in the public interest.

These agencies have also been asked that they should keep an alert eye on misleading advertisements in the news media so as to ensure that the veracity of any tall claims which are not based on reality could be enquired into.

Where necessary, these agencies would also take appropriate penal action under law.

I also request the news media that it should refuse to carry bogus and baseless advertisements intended to defraud unsuspecting parents and students, even if it means loss of advertisement revenues so that the media does not become a party to attempts by the unscrupulous to trifle with the future of our young generation.

You would agree with me that information relating to all those institutions of higher education, which are of substandard quality or those which are unauthorisedly conducting dubious courses and are not recognized under law and those which have by various means avoided undergoing the process of accreditation or assessment by statutory authorities, must be available in the public domain for the benefit of society.

I consider this to be essential so that the hard earned income and the sweat and toil of our citizens are not wasted.

I appeal to all parents and guardians that even the UGC and other authorities would continue to play their statutory role, each one of us has to be alert that we gather all factual information about institutions in which students are seeking admission, and wherever there be any doubt, we seek clarification from these agencies.

In this age of increasingly globalizing society and economy, India has immense expectations from the youth.

It is only natural that every family also has dreams for its young ones. For fulfilling the desires of each family and hopes and aspirations of our nation, we have to increase access to higher education, however, it is equally important that we reassure ourselves of the quality and legal validity of the institutions where our youth seek enrolment.

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