MIOT Academy of Allied Health Sciences to offer Six Degree Courses

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MIOT Academy of Allied Health Sciences to offer Six Degree Courses

MIOT Hospitals on Wednesday launched the MIOT Academy of Allied Health Sciences (MAAHS) that would generate para professionals for employment in the hospital industry.

To start with, the Academy has rolled out six degree courses with 75 seats in affiliation with the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University.

The B.Sc. courses are in Accident and Emergency Care Technology, Cardiac Pulmonary Care Technology, Critical Care Technology, Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology, Physician assistant and Radiology Imaging Technology.

The courses would equip candidates with the expertise in instrumentation to provide vital back-up services to specialists such as helping monitor parameters during anaesthesia or even isolate veins for anastomosis while the cardio-thoracic surgeon concentrates on a coronary bypass procedure.

Inaugurating the Academy, N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu said the Academy addressed one of the big gaps in the educational system, which was the lack of social opportunity.

The vision behind setting up the Academy was also in keeping with MIOT’s ceaseless pursuit of the ideal environment for healthcare in India, he said.

Mr. Ram said The Hindu would support the MAAHS initiative by instituting scholarships for deserving students.

P.V.A. Mohandas, MIOT Managing Director, said the degree programmes would generate jobs for youth with an aptitude for serving the sick, formalise the skill sets of assistants with Plus-Two qualifications already working in various hospital departments as well as contribute to improving patient care overall.

Sarasa Bharati, MAAHS Correspondent, said the courses were designed to meet the emerging need in healthcare for personnel trained through the perspectives of doctors and technologists in the handling and maintenance of sophisticated instruments.

The first batch of courses was only the starting point and more programmes would be launched in future to meet the emerging needs of the hospital industry, she said.

George M. Chandy, MAAHS Director said the courses would provide youth with several new opportunities for employment. Moreover, these graduates who are trained in the art and science of patient care would contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare and lowering of costs.

Mallika Mohandas, MIOT chairman, said the Academy was born out of the experience of hospital assistants whose careers were stalled for want of such an educational package.

The Academy has been established in the belief that a structured education programme and a University degree would generate a breed of para professionals as an important hospital resource for improving patient care, she said.

Prithvi Mohandas, MIOT joint managing director and Thanigaivasan, Director of Medical Education, MIOT, also spoke.

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