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Mock Board Examination News

Mock Board Exam for Class XII 2013

School students go through a multi – pronged approach for Board exams via school and tuition, and entrance exams through coaching. Often, the much needed practice of writing the descriptive answers gets relegated. Vidhyalok seeks to address this gap through carefully prepared content on the lines of the NCERT / CBSE syllabus such that four to five hours of practice per week is enough. It has come out with innovative pre – printed notebooks with questions, and space has been provided below each question for writing the answers.


Students tend to concentrate on solving problems in their practice as it is easier to get a feedback, whereas even if they write the descriptive answers they may hardly be able to get a feedback. The students can get a feedback by comparing their written answers with those on the website

Mock Examination 2013

Vidhyalok is conducting a mock Board examination on 3rd February, 2013, free of cost for class XII students. This is particularly important due to the change in the format of engineering entrance exams from this year onwards.

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