More Research in Medical Education Needed

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More Research in Medical Education Needed

M.S. Valiathan, renowned cardiologist and institution builder has expressed reservations on the capability of current medical education system to generate curiosity among medical students.

Delivering the first in the series of Erudite lectures by him at the Mahatma Gandhi University, on ‘Chitra Valve and its Lessons’, Prof. Valiathan said that the present system may be disabling the curiosity in the young minds resulting in low turnout for serious medical research.

This tendency was detrimental to knowledge generation and capacity building, he said.

Delineating the development of indigenous heart valve during his tenure at the Sri Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences at Thiruvananthapuram, Prof. Valiathan said he had a tough time, but it was challenging and gratifying.

It was a great team work in which he had to closely interact with institutions in the fields as varied as materials, chemicals, engineering, polymer, tool making and high precision machining to name a few.

Today these valves are being exported to many countries across the globe and sold at a very competitive price without compromising on quality.

In fact, they are superior to many of the competitors, he said.

It is high time the young generation of scholars take up challenging and noble goals with focus on global standards in research, he said. “Do not go after trivial goals; your results will also be trivial,” he said.

Hard work is inevitable. Failures are bound to happen. Learn from these failures and never get disheartened, as the set goal is more important, Prof Valiathan said. Vice-Chancellor of MG University Rajan Gurukkal presided.

B. Ekbal, Prof Mehrunnissa, Sudershana Kumar, K. Jayachandran and others participated.

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