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More Tamil Medium Students make it to Engineering Colleges through Counselling

Over the last three years, the percentage of Tamil Medium Students making it to Engineering Colleges in the State through the government’s Single Window Counselling System has almost doubled. Three years ago, the percentage of students from Tamil medium higher secondary schools opting for a BE degree through Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions was just 23 per cent.

This year, the figure shot up to 43 per cent of the more than 74,000 students who were allotted seats, according to Anna University Vice-Chancellor P. Mannar Jawahar. He agreed that one reason for the jump could be the abolition of the common entrance examination two years ago.

The year before the test was removed, the share of Tamil Medium Students was 35 per cent; the very next year, it had risen to 41 per cent. Simultaneously, the share of rural students has also gone up to 64.5 per cent.

College life could be tough for students for whom the city setting and the language of instruction is new. Last year, several freshers who had been toppers in their Tamil medium schools found themselves failing in an English medium university. Being unable to understand concepts in an unfamiliar language, several students said they were forced to resort to memorisation.

The university had started special bridge classes to help such students. Dr. Jawahar said the practice would continue in all the university department institutions, though they would not be identified as sessions specifically meant for Tamil Medium Students.

The university does not want to give students an inferiority complex by labelling them that way, said Dr. Jawahar. Students with language difficulties also get special Coaching by English Department staff.

Apart from academic Coaching, students are also introduced to activities and lectures that help build their confidence and put them at ease, he said. Career Counselling and self-esteem sessions are part of the itinerary for first year students, through activities sponsored by the NSS, NSO and Alumni Club.

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