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MRCS Exam in Hyderabad from 3rd December, 2012 to 6th December, 2012

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the oldest surgical college in the world set up in 1505, will conduct the Intercollegiate MRCS Examinations here from 3rd December, 2012 to 6th December, 2012. Doctors from all over India and abroad with take the final component of the MRCS exam to be held Hyderabad.

Dr. P. Raghu Ram, convenor of the Intercollegiate MRCS Examinations here, said on 29th November, 2012 that it would be the third occasion in 500 years the Royal College would conduct the prestigious MRCS exam in Andhra Pradesh. Fifteen examiners, majority of them from United Kingdom, are flying down to Hyderabad for conducting the examinations.

He noted that he had hosted the examinations here for the first time in 2008 and later in 2010. The Royal College had been conducting the FRCS Examinations in the UK for several centuries. The Royal College of Surgeons was the first college in the British Isles to conduct the examination in India since 1998. The examinations were held in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi for the past 15 years, he stated.

The examination would be a boon for doctors intending to get the MRCS Diploma in India itself without the need for travelling to the UK since the recent changes to immigration rules had almost frozen avenues for doctors from the Indian subcontinent in the UK, Dr. Raghu Ram said.

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