New Evaluation System to continue as per HC order

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New Evaluation System to continue as per HC order

The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences ( MUHS ) that had introduced a New Revaluation Pattern this year reiterated on Tuesday that the system will continue as per the order of the Bombay high court.

Students have been protesting against the new arrangement, demanding that the old system of revaluation be revived. According to the old method, students could apply for revaluation and also get photocopies of answer sheets. This system was scrapped and a new system of double-checking has started in its place.

Students then approached the HC with their demands. However, on October 8, the court gave the decision in favour of the university. After receiving a copy of the court order, MUHS vice-chancellor Arun Jamkar made the university’s stand clear on Tuesday at a media briefing held at the campus.

Jamkar said, “Two examiners will evaluate exam papers and the average mean of the marks calculated by them will be considered as the final score.” He added that the system of revaluation has been eliminated entirely.

“Universities in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka follow the practice of double-checking and the efficiency of this system has also been proved on a global scale. We want to create good doctors. We have 60,000 students at our different branches,” Jamkar added.

Students demanded that the old system be restored or amendments be made to the new system. “It is bad that the old system has been scrapped but we will try to fight it out,” a protesting student said.

The students demanded that even if the old revaluation method is not revived, at least the highest marks should be considered in the new system rather than mean marks given by both the moderators. As per the HC’s order, however, this will not be possible.

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